Benefits of High Definition Security Cameras

When you think of the main components of effective security systems, cameras top the list. Cameras help to deter crimes at homes and businesses. When an accident happens, cameras allow operators to get the details about the incident without relying on human bias. However, not all security and surveillance cameras are equal. Standard cameras offer some protections but often miss the mark when it counts. High-definition CCTV systems that feature power-over-ethernet (PoE) internet protocol (IP) cameras and other 4K resolution cameras do a much better job of watching over your family, goods, and property. Here are some benefits that you can expect when you invest in these high-grade cameras for your security system.


4K Resolution


You hear this scenario played out time and again. A crime was committed, and law enforcement officials ask the public for help to identify the suspect who was caught in a haze of fuzzy video footage. This happens so often that some criminals aren’t deterred by security cameras anymore. By installing premium, high-definition cameras around your property, you don’t have to let this happen at your home, store, or high-end car dealership.

IP-based PoE cameras offer higher resolutions than analog cameras. Standard surveillance camera video resolution starts at 1920x1080 pixels, and advanced cameras deliver video resolution in the 8 megapixel range. The ability to see the fine details with this level of clarity is a game changer for homeowners and facility operators.


CCTV Remote Access


If you run a construction company, your company’s physical assets are costly to replace. According to the National Equipment Register, about $1B worth of tools, equipment, and machinery are stolen annually. Besides having security protocols in place and an organized tool crib that encourages worker accountability for tool use, you’ll want an extra set of eyes to safeguard your company’s tools and equipment.

Installing IP-based PoE surveillance cameras can offer 24-hour protection that falls just short of a round-the-clock team of security guards. These camera systems allow you to set up remote access to your surveillance cameras via a web-based interface. Your facility manager will be able to view real-time video footage from any PC or smartphone. These high-end surveillance systems are ideal for organizations that have distributed worksites and limited security personnel.


Data Speed


As a shop owner, you encounter all types of customers. Many of them are fantastic, but others can be a challenge. As much as you hope that every customer who passes through your doors is honest, reality is much different. A desperate senior citizen seizes the chance to make a quick quarter of a million dollars from a slip-and-fall insurance scam. She comes prepared with an array of props such as a cane, broken spectacles, and a concerned daughter-in-law. When she insists upon an ambulance ride after falling beside a puddle of water, you’d better be ready with video footage to counter the scheme.

Advanced IP cameras have PoE technology that supports faster data speeds than traditional cameras. Standard PoE cameras reach speeds of up to 1Gbps with Cat5 and Cat6 ethernet cables. Newer versions of the cameras deliver data speeds of up to 5Gbps over distances of over 320 feet. These faster speeds ensure reliable video footage capture and quick uploads and downloads of video files. PoE IP cameras are the perfect tools for your back-office security professionals who monitor your shop floor with live viewing and video playback.


Flexible Camera Placement


Your customers aren’t the only ones who can give your security team a run for its money. Employees can be dishonest too. While you try to screen your workforce thoroughly, hiring an unscrupulous employee can cost your company in more ways than one.

A young barista at your coffee house has a mind like a steel trap. He not only remembers drink orders, but he also easily recalls details about customers who engage with him. After serving a well-heeled regular at the drive-thru window, the barista tells the customer that the credit card machine at the window isn’t working and that he must run her card at another cash register in the cafe. He takes the opportunity to write down her credit card number, expiration date, and security code. His phone bill is due, and he thinks that she’ll never miss the $50 that he so badly needs to keep in contact with his out-of-town girlfriend. It turns out that the wealthy regular customer is an accountant who does care about a $50 unauthorized charge to her credit card; her husband is a prominent lawyer in the community.

While you have cameras at the drive-thru window and at the other cash registers, there is a space that you left unmonitored because you didn’t have a power outlet in the area. A PoE IP camera doesn’t require an AC power outlet to work. The ethernet cable that handles data transmission also powers the camera. There are also certain wireless cameras that offer great resolution and even more placement flexibility.


CCTV Camera System


Besides offering better picture quality than a traditional analog camera, an IP camera also has a wider field of view. If you want to monitor a large front yard and garage using analog home security system cameras, you may need to install quite a few of them to capture needed video footage at desired viewing angles. If you opt for IP cameras, you’ll need fewer of them to get the coverage that you want.

When it comes to running a business, change happens. However, modifying facility layouts can impact your security camera needs. With a PoE-based surveillance system, you can move existing cameras into new spaces or install extra cameras with ease.

Whether your company’s surveillance cameras are brought down by a natural or man-made power outage, the event spells trouble for your security team. Your company’s asset protection plan calls for uninterrupted power supply (UPS) units to cover your surveillance camera power needs. PoE cameras allow you to use one UPS unit as a hub to power several networked cameras. Other camera systems require separate UPS units to power multiple surveillance cameras that are installed throughout your facility.

Video Analytics

Advanced IP PoE camera systems come with analytics tools to make video footage even more useful. Valuable items such as vintage artwork, fine jewelry, and classic cars are common targets of thieves. Criminals who attempt movie-style heists try to foil physical security measures by replacing authentic items with fakes. A surveillance camera that’s equipped with modern video analytic technology can detect changes in surveillance footage. When these cameras are synced with alarm systems, business operators are able to get a jump on catching thieves.

These systems also come with motion detection and sophisticated facial recognition capabilities. They are useful for thwarting common criminals as well as detecting inside jobs. Besides giving your organization a security boost, these tools place your business in a better light with insurance companies.



High-definition PoE and 4K resolution cameras are more expensive than standard surveillance cameras. Depending on your security needs, the benefits may outweigh the costs. Ready to install a high-quality security system for your home or business? Contact us for more information about your options. Whether you need a wireless CCTV home security system or an IP camera for your business, we sell a variety of security products and installation services that’ll exceed your expectations.

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