Light Bulb Camera
Why You Should Consider Light Bulb Camera for Home Security

Surveillance keeps evolving every day. Criminals are getting smarter by the day and the old techniques might not be effective in averting criminal activities. Making the right choice when it comes to surveillance security can have tons of benefits. Before you invest in a surveillance system, there are some considerations you should have an in mind.

Do the Cameras Need to be Discreet?

This is a very important consideration depending on the location you want to monitor. Big boxed cameras are meant to deter any obvious criminal activity. Discreet cameras, on the other hand, are meant to capture those who think they're not being monitored.  A light bulb camera is ideal for discreet surveillance, especially in an indoor setting.

Indoor or Outdoor Security Cameras?

Most modern cameras can be used in an indoor or outdoor setting but it is important to consider things like mounting. There are security cameras that might not perform to the optimum under extreme weather conditions. The cameras might need environmental casing under such extreme cases.


The type of coverage is also an important consideration when choosing security cameras. There are specific cameras that will work better for wider coverage. Cameras that provide wider coverage can help in keeping surveillance costs down because you only need a few of them. There is also the network setup which can bump the cost.


Security cameras wouldn't make sense if there is no quality in the footage. The image quality shouldn't be compromised when you zoom in. High-resolution cameras are recommended for retail stores or anywhere with walk-in customers. That does not mean that you shouldn't install high-resolution cameras in your home.

Lighting Conditions

You need a camera that performs in low light conditions. This is especially important for indoor situations where there might not be adequate light at night. There are technologies already in place that allow you to capture usable footage even when the lighting is poor.

Is sound Important?

Most of the security camera solutions don't come with sound as an option. Integrating audio into surveillance can be important in situations where the video is not enough to make a judgment. Sound can also be used independently as a surveillance tool although it is always recommended to combine it with video for the best results.

Selecting a video management solution

If you just want to monitor your house, there is no need for going for an expensive setup. A light bulb security camera can be the solution you're looking for. It caters for the aforementioned considerations and acts as a bulb at the same time. It is an inexpensive solution that is just as effective as professional surveillance cameras.

Why Light Bulb Camera?

Bulb cameras are primarily designed for discreet recordings. This does not mean the quality is subpar with other security cameras on the market. On the contrary, such bulbs provide a lot of options and flexibility when it comes to surveillance. There are a ton of advantages of using light bulb security camera for your home surveillance needs.

Easy to Set Up

This is perhaps the biggest advantage with such cameras. You just need to set it up like normal bulbs and you're almost done with the whole process. They're designed to work with almost any bulb socket. All you need is a simple twist to start monitoring your home. If you live in a rented apartment, there might be restrictions when it comes to installing security cameras. Security bulbs offer an alternative that is not only cheaper but also easy to install. Most of the bulbs can be found in retail stores and online platforms.


Whether you're searching for light bulb camera outdoor solutions for your porch or want to monitor your pets, you always find a solution that is within your budget. Unlike conventional security cameras, you can find a decent and high-quality solution for under $50. You also get to use it a bulb which saves you on costs.

Night Vision Capabilities

Security should be a 24/7 endeavor, especially at home. What happens when you switch off the lights? Does that mean you can't track what is happening in the living room or in the patio area? Most bulb cameras have night vision capabilities. They are fitted with infrared technology which makes night vision possible.

The Infrared LED is automatically turned on when it senses darkness. Some bulbs will automatically switch to energy-saving mode when they detect daytime. In any case, the light is distracting, you can always turn it off. This can come in handy if it has been installed in the bedroom.

Smart Apps

You don't need a dedicated room in your home to monitor surveillance footage.  Any decent light bulb security camera will definitely come with an app. With the app, you can monitor the footage depending on the time. There are apps that offer real-time updates with motion detection capabilities. In case it is a big family, you can add as many users as you can to the application. You can set the app to send you snapshots whenever there is a motion detected when you're not at home. In any case, you don't have your phone or Wi-Fi connection, you can always view the snapshots directly from the bulb camera.

Wide Field of View

For some surveillance solutions, you might need to install multiple security cameras to ensure that every area is covered. Most bulb cameras are designed to cover a wide field of view. They make use of  fish-eye lens which covers wide areas without compromising on the quality of the footage. Most bulbs come with 360 degrees field of view as standard. You don't have to worry about blind spots because everything that is in view is covered. The light bulb camera outdoor alternative can be effective in capturing mail thieves who think they can always get away every time.

Full HD Capability

Contrary to popular beliefs, bulb cameras can offer the same level of quality you'd find in high-end security cameras. It is recommended that you don't go for very cheap bulb cameras as they might offer the same level of quality. The quality is synched with your phone for improved monitoring.

Sound Monitoring

Video surveillance might not be enough especially if you want to keep tab with what is happening at home. Video may tell you a calm story but the sound could be saying otherwise. Most of the bulbs come with two-way audio so that the sound is captured in high quality and you listen and talk back if you want to.

Integration With other Security Features

Having a holistic security system can help in providing safety for your family. Most of the apps are connected to the internet. They offer third party integration like emergency response in case something happens at home. It is the minutes that matter when it comes to saving a life and there should be immediate responses to emergencies. The bulb camera can always alert you of any movement through email so that you're able to respond on time.


You don't have to spend a fortune to have an integrated surveillance system in place for your home. Technology has made it easy and affordable to access state-of-the-art intuitive and functional security cameras. There are standard features that you will get in most bulb cameras regardless of brand. You can monitor your home remotely even if you're in another continent. Check out https://usethatcam.com/ for high quality and affordable bulb cameras.

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