Light Bulb Camera Installation
Light Bulb Camera Installation

You don’t have to break the bank when it comes to home security and surveillance. Light bulb camera is an inexpensive solution that can just be as effective. They are flexible and versatile in their use and you don’t have to spend a fortune when it comes to purchasing and implementation.

This guide will walk through the process of installing a light bulb camera and highlight some of the advantages and how to overcome the challenges that you may face. We will mainly be focusing on the panoramic 3D VR IP camera WIFI which comes highly recommended if you’re looking for a holistic solution without breaking the bank.

Panoramic 3D VR IP camera WIFI Features

Home security should be a top priority for any family. You want to constantly monitor what is going inside your home. The Fisheye Bulb Lamp Panoramic IP Camera can be the solution for all home surveillance problems. For wide angle views, the camera has a 360° fisheye lens which is a handy feature.

This is the bulb camera you should be getting if you want discrete recordings. You might not know what the nanny is doing to your kid when you’re away.

For Installation, it functions just any other regular bulb and can fit in any standard socket. The challenge could come when it comes to setting it up with the phone.

Some of the key features include:

  • Build in 360°  fisheye lens will provide you super wide view angle, see your entire home with no blind area.
  • Remote real-time video, playback, alarm push, never miss any moment.  
  • Voice intercom and intelligent brightness control enable it to become one good communication tool, not just one camera.
  • High-Definition Video: The bulb camera has amazing detail for its really hidden camera style, and can recording and live streaming in Full 960P High Definition.
  • Two-Way Audio: Keep an eye on your family and talk with them. The Bulb Camera comes with a built-in speaker and microphone.

Having looked at the features of the bulb camera, there are some considerations you should have in mind when looking for a surveillance system to install in your home.


A CCTV system can be expensive and might not be ideal for a home setting. You will need a monitoring room depending on the number of cameras installed. The installation process can be involving and there is also the maintenance part to worry about.

Alarms and Sensors

These systems are professionally installed and can also include security cameras. They tend to be expensive and one needs to have a sizable budget to install the system in the home.

DIY Cameras

These cameras have become popular over the years because they’re easy to install and are affordable. Most DIY cameras have the functionalities to rival even the most expensive surveillance systems. One good example of DIY is a light bulb security camera. It serves the function of a camera and a bulb at the same time.

Features to consider when looking for a light bulb security camera

Panoramic View

Since you will be limited to at least a single main bulb in a room, look for one that offers 360° panoramic views. You want to make sure that you can monitor small sections of the room without a problem. A good bulb camera should have a panoramic view as standard. Gone are the days when you had to install multiple security cameras to cover every corner of the room. The bulb should get rid of any blind spot in the room.

Video storage

You will likely be storing a lot of footage on a daily basis. Most bulb cameras have inbuilt and expandable memory to provide space for video storage. A good camera should also be able to make it easy to back up the footage online. You don’t always have to record everything. The camera should be able to detect if there is motion which brings us to our next point.

Motion Detection

The camera should not be recording every time. A good bulb camera has motion detection technology incorporated. The recording is triggered when motion is detected. If it is a real-time setting, you can receive alerts so that you can react accordingly.

Audio Capabilities

A good system should be able to support audio capabilities. It should have both a speaker and a microphone for two-way communication. There are situations where you might not be in the house but you still need to pass a message to the person on the other end. It could be your dog trying to misbehave knowing that there is no one watching. Dogs are obedient and dutiful and they will stop their mischief immediately they hear your voice. You can also scare away burglars that might have broken into your house and are trying to steal things.

Night Vision

The bulb will not always be on. You need a solution for when it is dark. A good bulb camera should have night vision. It is a bonus feature to have and ensures that the house is monitored 24/7. The 3D VR is the perfect bulb camera if you’re looking for a solution that will stand out even during the night. You will want to see the face of the person who breaks into your house at night.

App Functionalities

You want a bulb camera that comes with an intuitive and easy to use app. Installing the bulb in an easy process. The challenge could come in the integration with the app. The app should also be able to seamlessly integrate with other security systems. It could be your cloud storage or notification system. Any bulb camera should come with an app as standard. The app should provide a real-time monitoring system and alert you if anything is happening in the home.

Remote Control

One should not only be able to control the camera but the light as well. You can dim the light depending on the situation. This can come in handy if you’re trying to reduce the energy costs in the home. It can be used together with sound to scare away home invaders at night when you’re not around.

Advantages of bulb cameras

Less Expensive: You can get a good camera for less than $100. Just a decade ago, you had to part away with thousands of dollars to get a solution that is not even remotely close to what these bulbs can offer.

Easy to Install: Most cameras of this nature offer a plug and play solution. They function just like normal bulbs except they have cameras hidden inside them.

Real-Time Surveillance: This is a feature that even sophisticated surveillance systems are finding it hard to implement. With bulb cameras, you can monitor what is happening in your home through a computer or a laptop.

Better Quality: Most bulb cameras are able to record full HD which is a challenge with wired cameras because of the different components involved in the construction.

Cloud Storage: You can set up cloud storage to ease the burden on the physical memory. This can come handy if you need a lot of footage as evidence or for analysis when there is a problem.

After Installation

Care is needed to make sure the bulb cameras are functioning to their maximum. You should clean them regularly for clear footage. You can also use repellents to keep the bugs away. There is no other kind of maintenance needed to keep your bulb camera working. Even when there is no internet connection, you can always review footage from the physical memory card.

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