The Importance of Remote Monitoring

The value of the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your home and properties remain safe far exceeds any price, but we can provide remote video surveillance at Use That Cam for less than you may imagine. A surveillance system lets you view live camera shots of your home or business properties day or night wherever you go. Our remote solutions incorporate an IP camera security system to keep you fully apprised of the safety and sanctity of your property on the go, at the office, on vacation or anywhere else.

 Focusing on Visibility from Remote Locations

Your ever-present access to the internet makes modern IP video surveillance available at any time that you choose to log in to your account. The fantastic flexibility that suits your schedule lets you check on your property whenever you want or from wherever your busy schedule takes you. Remote monitoring offers unprecedented freedom to roam with peace of mind when you use any device that has an internet connection with port forwarding. Mobile apps for your iPhone or Android make it easy to manage your surveillance system. From a remote location, you can look at live and recorded video, and you can manage alerts that inform you of the valuable information that you need to know.


As a manager or supervisor of security, you can appreciate the flexibility that remote access affords. It provides options that let you decide how to handle issues that occur on-site at properties that you manage. Notifications that you may receive late at night let you create a response from the comfort of your home. The same kind of efficiency and convenience can apply to your time off on weekends, holidays or vacations to prevent interruptions to your relaxation time. When you can see a video of any event at a remote location, you do not need to go there to decide what to do about it.


Understanding the Technology

With remote video surveillance and the miracle of technology, you can view a live video of your property on any device that has access to the internet. Remote viewing uses the IP address of the network security camera that you choose, and you need to type it into your browser as you do when you want to go online to a website. At Use That Cam, we can show you how DDNS and port-forwarding work in a few easy steps. After that, you can use your security camera system from wherever you go.


The convenience and peace of mind that you can get from a remote video surveillance system help you maintain your customary control over your properties that you have with a physical presence on-site. With your internet-enabled laptop or smartphone from almost any location, you can use your camera’s IP address to see your properties with the clarity that you enjoy on-site.


Experiencing the Benefits

Anyone who has used the remote capability to view a property can assure you of the benefits of access to a complete picture of goings-on without traveling to a site. Advancements in technology offer you enormous conveniences that allow you to see videos of your properties from your internet-enabled smartphone or PC. We make sure that you have the knowledge and the equipment to view your security cameras remotely.


  • Viewing Livestream

The technological capability that you get with Livestream includes remote as well as mobile monitoring. The remarkable features make it a favorite for managers, supervisors and homeowners who hold responsibility for the security of properties. Direct access to a live camera feed empowers you to monitor your property from any location.


  • Viewing NVR

Some internet-based platforms let you have instant access to your live camera pictures as well as recorded video footage. NVR manufacturers may provide remote web interfaces and video surveillance apps as well to give you remote access to your IP camera system. We can show you how to log on to the NVR’s web interface and get you started using it for real-time monitoring.


Both mobile surveillance and security camera monitoring give you the same peace of mind that an inperson visit to a site provides. Advances in technology in video surveillance apps allow you to view multiple places at the same time, and the ability to monitor them off-site gives you tremendous freedom as well. With several cameras trained on the locations that concern you, nothing can escape your attention. The peace of mind that comes with remote monitoring extends to cams that keep an eye on your nanny, pool or pets.


Enhancing Visibility with Mobile Monitoring

Complimentary mobile surveillance apps from IP camera manufacturers let you view your home or business properties from your internet-enabled devices. With your iPhone, iPad or Android, you can receive unparalleled visibility of the properties that concern you. Many of our products let you see videos from multiple cameras at the same time. We can show you how to control the PTZ settings to perform the functions that help you stay fully aware of the status of your home or property. The information that you can verify with your own eyes includes viewing recorded images and searching through archived footage. You can even play back events, and we show you more things that you can do as well.


Mobile monitoring requires an internet data plan that supports it and an IP address just like your security camera requires. We can provide the equipment that gives you peace of mind and show you how to use it. The independence that you experience from technology may beat anything you have ever seen. Anyone who spends time off-site and cannot access the local computer system can benefit from video surveillance with connected IP cameras.


Understanding the Similarities and Differences

The main thing that a security camera and remote monitoring have in common lies in online viewing. Both can give you a very accurate picture of what goes on at a site far away from you, giving you the much-desired peace of mind that almost everyone wants. The differences lie in usability features.


  • Remote Monitoring

When you choose to stay in touch with remote monitoring, you have more control over managing your settings and recording videos. A secure internet connection that provides consistent reliability on your PC or Apple computer at your home or a hotel facilitates checking up on properties that require your attention.


  • Security Camera

When you choose to use an IP camera security system for surveillance that lets you check on things, you need a mobile security camera app and a smartphone data plan. The setup may occasionally lose connectivity in no-coverage zones.


The choice of which surveillance system to pick may come down to your personal preferences and the familiarity that you have with either or both modes. Mobile surveillance may work perfectly for you if you like to use your smartphone as your primary access to the internet. We can help you decide on the best option for you and help you get started on using the powerful technology that can give you peace of mind about the security of your properties.

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