Surveillance cameras seem to be on every home and every business in the country these days. Just looking around as you walk down any city street, you'll quickly lose count of how many cameras you spot. The systems can document weather, deter crime, and generate evidence--but only if they're properly installed.


Good CCTV installation has several steps that must be followed if you expect to have good results. While there are video systems available online and from almost any electronics store, the fact is that it takes a professional to install CCTV systems in such a way that they'll do what you expect them to do. Here are just some of the ways that CCTV installation Atlanta is best done by the professionals at Use That Cam LLC.


CCTV Installation Atlanta

Many buildings have cameras installed on each wall at a corner. If these units are not properly placed, they will prove less effective than a well-placed single camera. If each camera is turned away from the corner, the view will show mostly the wall. If they are turned too far into the corner, there will be a blind spot along the wall and overlap with the other camera.


Our team at Use That Cam LLC understands the width of each camera's view and will place it accordingly, giving you the view that you need for full coverage with no wasteful overlap and no missing spaces.


CCTV Installation Atlanta

The hard part about cameras is that they are active day and night. As a result, your daytime setup may be perfect with the sun illuminating the scene, but as the lighting source shifts toward streetlights under a dark sky, things will change.


It is critical to have your system installed to give you a good view of what's going on no matter what time of day it is. Professionals can take into consideration the impact of sun angle, backlit spaces, and all the other variables that make lighting such an important part of CCTV installation Marietta.


Covering Less Visible Areas

We all know that surveillance cameras should capture the areas around doors, sidewalks, and roads, but those are not the only places that should be watched. It is also important to focus on spaces where intruders may hide or move. Those few seconds that a face comes into view as a burglar approaches the house may not be enough to make an identification later on.


Professional CCTV installation Alpharetta will get cameras into the locations where suspects spend more time, getting a better look at them for subsequent investigation or, better yet, potentially providing enough deterrent to send them elsewhere. Criminals are just as aware of the widespread use of CCTV as you are, and they know a professional system when they see it. Just the potential for giving up a clear image of their faces will often be enough to scare off a would-be perpetrator.


Thinking About the Little Things

It used to be that your camera at the front door was only there to watch the front door. With everything from hate crimes to package theft going on today, though, the camera at this main point of entry needs to be placed a little more strategically. The more of your sensitive spaces that it can see, the better your chances of creating the security that you want.


Guessing where that camera--or any camera on your property--should go could lead to problems in seeing the things you really need to see, and relocating the camera several times to tweak its perspective will leave unsightly screw holes on a very visible part of your home. Let an expert take all those variables into account and place the camera correctly the first time.


CCTV Installation Atlanta

When you pull a DIY camera system out of the box, it looks pretty simple. In many ways, it is fairly straightforward, especially if the manufacturer has provided good instructions. What they don't tell you is how to place the cables properly. If you do not get the cables properly secured, they could develop worn places as the wind shakes them around. You may also make it too easy for an intruder to access and clip the cables, rendering the system useless.


Finally, your cable installation just may not look very good, leaving wires dangling in view. The experienced installers doing CCTV installation around Georgia know all the tips for finding the shortest route and best hiding places for cables, giving you reliable performance without making your home look bad.


CCTV Installation Atlanta

Because there are variations in temperatures and moisture, some cameras should not be installed outdoors. By the same token, the weather-resistant units are too expensive to be used indoors where their greater durability is not necessary. Pan-tilt-zoom cameras, while very effective at tracking things, have moving parts that create special requirements for their installation and handling.


All of these factors should lead you to one conclusion: A professional installer will do a better job of selecting and installing the cameras for your home's surveillance system. Count on that expertise to get a better outcome.


Setting Up Security

One of the biggest selling points of DIY systems is that they operate wirelessly, leaving you no cables to run and no plugs to connect. That sounds good until somebody hacks into your system and gets a front-row seat for anything that happens in and around your home. When it comes to security, there is no substitute for hard-wired systems.


With that said, there are applications where wireless is the only option. Large properties with multiple buildings and distant entrances can only be fully covered with at least a few wireless cameras.


Whichever situation applies to you, understand that only the experienced professionals working on our team at Use That Cam LLC will be able to set you up with whatever configuration will work the best. When wired is feasible, we'll get your system properly wired and the cables neatly concealed. When wireless is the only practical route, we'll make sure it is secure and safe for worry-free use over whatever distance your system needs to cover spanning from the back yard to the front gate and everything in between.


Planning for Storage

Adequate storage space is essential. There's nothing worse than noticing something was stolen a few days ago and then realizing that your DVR got full and erased footage of the culprit. The amount of storage required for a system will vary dramatically depending on the number of cameras and the amount of motion they detect. There are also a number of options for accessing, downloading, and storing the footage that your system captures.


Our team knows how to size your storage correctly to give you enough time to retrieve footage before it is lost to digital recycling. We can even help you conserve space by setting cameras to ignore busy quadrants of their views. We can also set you up with remote access on your phone or through the internet, and with easy instructions for downloading onto jump drives or other storage media.


Whether you're hoping to capture footage of an intruder, watch live for a package delivery, or just catch footage of a rare Georgia snowfall, the team at Use That Cam LLC is ready to help. Visit our web site at www.usethatcam.com to learn more about our products and service, or just give us a call to find out more about how we can help you with your CCTV needs.

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