Reading Facial Recognition KIOSK Touch-Free Temperature

The touch-free temperature reading kiosk is a system that provides the necessary features to enable people to monitor for fever. It can detect human temperature and relay any early signs of a fever. There is absolutely no human contact involved in taking the reading, and this minimizes the risk of spreading infection during the temperature monitoring process.


This is a viable option for organizations as well as individuals who are working in schools, community centers, office buildings and stations. This is the easiest method for minimizing the risks of infection in situations where social distancing is impossible. It can be used in crowed public locations, or it can be adapted to provide a fever warning system within smaller organizations, businesses and public facilities.


Touch-Free Temperature Reading


The touch-free temperature reading is capable of scanning the human body and producing an accurate reading in about one-half of a second. The technology used to produce this speed is now available at an affordable price. This is an innovation that eliminates the need for human contact during temperature taking procedures, and it can elevate the confidence of every individual who gets a normal body temperature reading.


Protect the health of employees and the general public by using this kiosk in any business, office, commercial facility or public venue. This can be critical for workers who are unable to practice social distancing at all times due to the nature of their occupation, for example. It is an effective method for ensuring that the people in any building are monitored for signs of a fever while protecting workers who would otherwise be required to manually take and record the temperature readings.


touch-free temperature reading

 The fever warning system on this kiosk is the most efficient way to scan people for their temperature. The results are nearly instantaneous, and this makes it a viable early-warning system for detecting anyone who has an abnormal body temperature. It requires no hands-on contact, and nothing will need to be touched in the process. The kiosk is designed to offer the maximum amount of protection while minimizing any risks during the temperature-taking process. It effectively reduces the risk of spreading infections while eliminating the need to risk workers’ safety by touching potentially contaminated surfaces.

Touch-Free Temperature Reading

The face recognition technology on this system has an impressive accuracy rating of 99.5 percent. The memory bank allows the device to store up to 30,000 individual faces while monitoring the temperature of each person in the future. Facial recognition capability provides institutions like schools, public centers, office buildings and stations with the tools necessary to continuously monitor the temperature of everyone on the premises.

The facial recognition software is capable of producing this accuracy level regardless of glasses or facial masks. Human interpretation is always a potential complicating factor, so it’s important to impose anti-bias training whenever employees are engaged with facial recognition technology. Protecting the public actually requires vigilance in self-monitoring by any individuals with privileged access to the facial recognition data. Implicit bias and false assumptions should be concurrently eliminated during the scanning procedure in order to protect all members of the public from any additional layers of human bias.




Get an accurate fever reading through the fastest possible method. This is an effective way to secure the group against potentially infected individuals. The kiosk logs the temperature readings and remits the information to a database for easy access at any point in the future. The fever warning reading is useful in crowded places where there is a higher risk of infection and transmission. The kiosk provides a fast and easy way to get a temperature reading without subjecting the public to any additional modes of contact. It provides the ability to monitor changes over time, which can be useful when tracking points of infection transmission.


Touch Free Temperature Reading

This kiosk is designed to provide the needed information about any person who has a fever, which might signify an infection. However, it’s important to train any personnel who come into contact with the person who has an abnormal body temperature to ensure that civil liberties are protected. The presence of a fever doesn’t always indicate that the person has a confirmed infection. Additional testing may be required, and universal access to testing is still necessary. The kiosk should be used with these limitations in mind for the best results.


The process of using the kiosk is simple and easy. Each person will stand between one-half and one meter away from the kiosk, and there is no physical contact that takes place. The kiosk will scan each person, and the results will be delivered within one-half of a second. The temperature is verbally announced according to the installation procedure, which determines the threshold of a normal body temperature. This is an early warning system, and it does not replace actual testing; however, it can alert the individual and the public to a potential risk. The information can be used to self-isolate or obtain further testing if additional symptoms are present.


Additional Features

There are other features that make this device easy to use. The temperatures are verbally reported, and this makes it extremely user-friendly. The results are delivered in a manner that is incredibly easy to understand. This allows new users to avoid any additional learning curve while trying to figure out how to take temperatures. The device is designed to provide fast temperature readings with accuracy and without delay. The instant results can provide a high level of assurance for anyone interacting with the public.

The kiosk is designed to be used at any public or private location with ease. It comes equipped with compatibility for many types of ports. This enables access to any source of power for recharging, and it can be used at any site. The kiosk rapidly identifies anyone with a fever, and this is an effective way to minimize the spread of dangerous viruses and pathogens. It can be deployed in a small organization or a large city center, and it is adaptable to any needed location with the extension ports.

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