Why a Spy Camera is a great idea?

A spy camera used to be technology that only a few people had, but now they are everywhere. People place them in their stores to help deter theft, but they also have them inside and outside of their homes to make sure that their families are safe. A simple spy camera can be strategically placed so that it can protect a wide area of your home, and this offers you several benefits that we will discuss today.


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One of the best reasons to purchase a camera is for general home surveillance. The purpose is to watch as people arrive on your property without permission. This type of camera is commonly known as a "security camera," and it records someone's actions without that person's knowledge. You can place cameras surreptitiously around your property, and they will send images to your television set, video cassette recorder or digital video recorder. If you have a second home in a distant location, it can be impossible for you to monitor this home without general home surveillance, so cameras are great for second or vacation homes too.


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The camera described here is known as a "nanny cam" because its express purpose is to watch how your nanny is treating your children. Before some children can tell their parents how the nanny treats them, a nanny cam may be necessary. In addition to that, some special needs children are incapable of speaking, so a nanny cam is imperative for them as well. This type of camera will need to be disguised or hidden within an alarm clock or a plant. The object of your nanny cam may disagree with being filmed if he or she discovers later that the camera was in place while he or she was in the house, so you will need to be aware of the laws in your state that relate to hidden cameras.


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The fact is that criminals are diligent. Before they choose a house to rob, they will take some time to inspect the property to see if there is a camera in sight. If so, these burglars will leave your property and look for an easier target. In the event that someone decides that he is going to vandalize your property, your security camera will catch the act on video. It will be even better if you can sign up to be on your police department's security camera registry. Police departments that have registries have the ability to catch a crime as it is occurring. The camera is one of the best tools that the police have to prevent home invasions and to solve them after they happen.


Capture Evidence Outside of Your Home

Your camera could provide the very important piece of evidence that solves a crime that happens in your neighborhood. Neighborhood watch groups have an opportunity to catch criminals when the neighbors have cameras. If you are willing to give the police access to the videos your camera shoots, you can help them solve crimes. For example, this is what happened when a vehicle followed a child home one day. The police were able to apprehend the suspect because the neighbors gave their videos to the police.

These cameras aren't just watching your home because they are also watching the streets to make sure that no one is doing anything that shouldn't be done. The police have been able to catch criminals as they stole packages from their rightful owners and vandals as they broke into cars parked on the street. They even solved homicides this way.


Capture Evidence Inside of Your Home

You may invite your family members or friends to come visit you in your home. On those days, you may notice that some things are missing. It would be uncomfortable for you to accuse anyone of stealing from you, but a surveillance camera would be able to gather the evidence for you before you have to alienate any of your innocent family members and friends. The video will be evidence that your visitor will not be able to deny, so it is an excellent way to solve these mysteries without drama.


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A camera is one way that you can encourage your insurance company to lower your insurance premiums. If you let your insurance company know that you have a camera, your agent may determine that your home is less of a risk for damaged property in the future and offer you a discount. The installation of the camera could mean a discount of up to 20% according to the Insurance Information Institute. In addition to that, cameras can mean that your insurance agent will not increase your rates as time goes by.

Insurance companies and insurance policies are different, so the best thing to do is ask several companies if they have a deal for security cameras. For example, State Farm Mutual will only give you a 7% discount if the camera system only notifies you that there is an intruder on your property. If you have a system that notifies the police, they will offer you a 15% discount.


Discourage Squatters

If someone moves into your vacation home without your permission, this person is known as a "squatter." If your second home is too far away for you to visit on a regular basis, a squatter could move into your home and live there for a long period of time. This person may be able to make a claim on your property because he or she is taking possession of it although he or she doesn't have the title or the lease.

Every state in the union gives rights to squatters, so if you learn that there is a squatter on your property after several months or even years, the squatter may have the right to remain on the property. To prevent this unfortunate scenario from occurring, you could install cameras to watch the property while you are away. In some instances, you would be required to start the eviction process to remove a squatter even though you don't have a lease agreement with the individual squatting on your property. A less expensive option would certainly be to purchase a spy camera to avoid this.


Protection for the Office

Cameras are great for the home, but they are also very necessary in the office. As a business manager, it is your duty to ensure that the employees are not removing company property from the premises. It's not possible for you to be everywhere at the same time so that you can observe everyone, but it is possible for a camera to do this for you. Security cameras also provide you with other benefits in the office. For example, they can help you monitor your employees' work performances. When your employees know that they are there, cameras make them feel more secure when they are alone at work.


Resolve Issues

Another way that cameras serve the purposes of your business is when your employees get into conflicts with each other. This happens on a frequent basis, but it would help you resolve these issues if you knew when and why the disagreements began. With cameras placed around your business, you have a chance to determine how a conflict got started. Then, it will be easier for you to resolve it.

Whether you need a camera to protect your home or your business, they are an excellent addition for the protection of your home and/or business. Don't leave this issue to chance. Make your house or your office as secure as possible today.



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