Usethatcam 4K Wireless CCTV System with 4Cameras 8MP - No HDD

Usethatcam 4K Wireless CCTV System with 4Cameras 8MP - No HDD

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Night Vision

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  • 4K Resolution
  • Remote Access
  • Night Vision
  • Wireless

If you are looking for a video surveillance system for your home or business, the 4K wireless CCTV system by Usethatcam has you covered. Instead of having to search for individual pieces, this wireless security kit has everything you need to set up a system that gives you clear coverage, remote access and flexible installation options.

4K Resolution with Night Vision

Innovations in technology have increased the ability of security cameras. This home surveillance package comes with four cameras with 8MP resolution lenses. These cameras can produce video content that is suitable for 4K resolution viewing.

This level of resolution greatly improves the ability of viewers to identify trespassers. Not only will you be able to see if someone breaks into your house, but you will have a clear image to show law enforcement officials for identification purposes. The cameras are also equipped with infrared LED lights that allow for low-light and night vision images within a 25-meter range.

Advantages of an NVR System

The Usethatcam system uses a network video recorder rather than a digital video recorder. NVR technology changes the recording and storing process. In older systems, the DVR processed data from the cameras. In an NVR system, the cameras can process and compress data. Then, they send the information through a Wi-Fi network connection to the NVR. This allows for better video quality, improved audio content and easy access over the network.

Remote Access and Triggered Actions

Because this home surveillance system is networked-based, users can access the video feed or stored video from anywhere they have an internet connection. For example, you can check on your pets while you are sitting in your office for the day.

The primary purpose of a home security system is keeping intruders out of your home. This unit comes with several features that help it carry out this critical function. Motion detection sensors can trigger multiple responses. You can set the cameras to begin recording any time they detect motion. The system can send an email to the user indicating a potential problem. The unit can also automatically send relevant recorded footage to a designated account.

A security system that is constantly sending out security alerts will become a nuisance. The Usethatcam system includes AI software that can analyze motion and recognize humanoid activity so that you do not get an update every time your dog moves. In addition, the system has face comparison software that allows you to store the profiles of 10 friends and family members. The system can distinguish between household residents and strangers who do not belong.

Flexible Plug and Play Installation

One of the advantages of a wireless system is the number of options you have for installation. The plug and play setup of this wireless security kit means that there is very little time between opening the box and having a functional system. Each camera and the NVR will need a power outlet. Once everything is powered up, the system will quickly do much of the pairing and preparation on its own. Because the cameras are not physically connected to the NVR, you will have many options for placement. The four channels in the NVR can give you full coverage of a single room, or they can give you views of several locations in your home.

With the Usethatcam 4K wireless CCTV system, a simple setup gives you a comprehensive home security solution. At any time of the day or night, you will be able to see that your home or business is safe.