IP Video Intercom WI-FI Video
IP Video Intercom WI-FI Video IP Video Intercom WI-FI Video IP Video Intercom WI-FI Video IP Video Intercom WI-FI Video IP Video Intercom WI-FI Video
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Ding Dong! You hear the doorbell rings in the middle of night. A flurry of thoughts rushes through your head. Who is it? What could they possibly want in the middle of night? Are they checking to make sure no one is home before breaking in? As a homeowner this is a very terrifying scenario, but it doesn't have to be with this Wifi Video Intercom. This wireless doorbell allows you to answer the door without leaving your home or even being home. Equipped with a full HD 720P camera and night vision capabilities, this video intercom can be controlled from afar enabling you to check out people coming to your door and speak to them with the 2-way microphone. Imagine being a criminal scoping out a house to rob it and running into this. The criminal rings your doorbell and you calmly reply from the doorbell "Hi, what can I help you with?" A criminal certainty would not rob that house, because who knows what other security measures could also be lying behind that door. 

This doorbell is probably the best thing you can do to ensure the safety of your family and property. It is truly a small price relative to the peace of mind it can create in your life. Not only does it protect you from people ringing the doorbell, it also has a PIR sensor to detect anyone that comes near your door and sends a notification right to your phone. You could be at work or on a business trip and still be watching over your house checking in through the use of smart phone. The IP Wireless Doorbell will also help you protect your home for long business or pleasure trips thanks to its low consumption rechargeable battery. Home security has never been easier. You can take care of everything from the comfort of your home or office. 

This is your all inclusive home security solution. It allows you to have control over your home when you most need it, and it can also function right along with other security systems in your home. Then to add to this already amazing deal, shipping is free!

Batteries are not included .