1080 HD Surveillance System With 8 Wireless Security Cameras

1080 HD Surveillance System With 8 Wireless Security Cameras

Use That Cam LLC

Night Vision

Motion Detection

Remote Access

WIFI Connection



  • Plug and Play
  • Support wired and wireless mixed use
  • Support web and VMS platforms

When security becomes a number one priority, it's essential to have a high-quality home surveillance system in place to prevent intruders and potential theft, as well as to monitor the surroundings of your home.

The 1080 HD Surveillance System with 8 Wireless Security Cameras equips you with the outstanding security measures you need to keep your home and family safe. The wireless design with 8 channels lets you have the ultimate protection all day and every day.

Whether you have valuables you want to protect, or you simply want to feel safer in your own home, you can do so with this highly functional surveillance system. The motion detection with night vision picks up on the tiniest of movements in the line of the camera, with up to a clear 1000 feet WIFI range.

The metal IP66 housing shields the cameras from extensive weather elements, adding to their durability. Additionally, a convenient remote view feature lets you capably monitor the cameras' surveillance remotely from anywhere. Start implementing the best security protocols for your home with this 1080 HD Surveillance System.


  • Remote view with night vision
  • Wireless design
  • Motion detection
  • 2MP resolution
  • WIFI IP Camera
  • Metal/IP66 housing
  • 1000 feet max. WIFI range (no obstacles)
  • Includes 8 cameras
  • No HDD