About Us
Thank you for visiting Use That Cam and taking the time to learn more about us. We are a top seller and installer of surveillance equipment. Our company is proud to provide thousands of customers with quality surveillance and home security products. On our site, you will find a variety of the following types of products:

  • IP cameras
  • Mini cameras
  • Wireless CCTV systems
  • Home surveillance systems

We specialize in selling security systems products. When we launched our company, we had a vision to make home security products more accessible to everyone. We realized that past systems were more complex. Today, there are new technologies that make it possible to use surveillance cameras without extensive wiring. Since individual or family safety is important for all people, we wanted to find solutions for all types of people and all sizes of budgets. We sell products that are affordable, reliable and easier to use than many of the systems and devices of the past.

At Use That Cam, our mission is to provide you with the highest quality of products and services.

We take the task of helping you protect yourself and your family very seriously. Our company is based in Atlanta, Georgia. However, we ship our products to anywhere in the United States and nearly everywhere in the world. If you are looking for high-quality IP cameras, PoE CCTV systems or other home security systems, there are plenty of reasons to order from us.

Why Choose Us?

At Use That Cam, we understand that you have other choices. We respect each customer and appreciate you choosing us. Our customers often come to us after doing research about product types and brands. Our customer service and tech support professionals have a deep understanding of home security systems and know how to help people pick the right products for their needs. These are some of the benefits that set us apart from competitors.

We are experienced. We have more than five years of experience selling and installing surveillance equipment. You can rest assured that you are working with a capable company. Our conscientious installation professionals treat everyone with the utmost care and respect.

We provide excellent customer service and support. We can help you with the setup process of plug-and-play or wireless surveillance cameras. We offer 24/7 technical support. Our tech support team is trained to help you with troubleshooting your devices. If you have questions as you browse our products, you can send us a message or chat with us.

We offer free and quick shipping. Free shipping is one of the biggest benefits of working with us. Since we have warehouse connections all over the world, even international orders may be delivered quickly. After we receive and verify your order, we typically ship it to you within a couple business days. After your order ships, you can easily track it on our site.

We value your safety. We carefully select the products that we put in our inventory with safety in mind. Our commitment to helping you protect yourself and your family means that we choose products from companies that also prioritize the importance of quality and reliability in home security products.

We value your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied within 60 days of your purchase, we will be happy to issue a refund. We also welcome feedback with any concerns or suggestions for improvement. As a company that values social responsibility and ethical leadership, we are committed to serving you.

We value your privacy and online security. Our site was carefully designed to protect you as you browse and as you place an order. You may notice a green icon at the bottom of our page. This is a Varinode verification stamp, which means that our site uses bank-grade encryption. It has been tested and verified, and we maintain our site with the latest security feature upgrades.

We offer an excellent value for your purchase. Although there are independent individuals who may offer cheap surveillance equipment, there are many people who sell fake or low-quality products independently. Since surveillance equipment helps protect your safety or the safety of your family members, it is important to work with a company that takes its responsibilities to consumers seriously. Our prices are competitive. Also, we guarantee that our products are authentic. We proudly stand behind our products and services, and our company is licensed and insured. If you are ordering installation service, working with a licensed and insured company is essential to protect yourself.

We accept a wide range of payment methods. When you order from us, you can see which payment methods are accepted at the bottom of the screen. In addition to major credit cards and several other options, these are some of the popular payment choices that we offer:
  • PayPal
  • Amazon Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Venmo
  • JCB

Another way that we give you more choices is by offering PoE CCTV products. PoE means power over Ethernet. It is a technology that puts electrical power in network cables. Older styles of products require a power source and a data source, which means that there are two separate cords. With PoE, the combined capabilities limit problems. In addition to limiting the amount of cords in your home, this simplifies the use of the device. Since items that are easier to use are more likely to be used correctly, we see this as another way to boost your safety.

As we choose the products for our inventory, we pay attention to combinations of features. Some of the average products on the market offer one or two modern technologies. However, we look for reliable products with a wider range of feature combinations. As you browse our wireless CCTV systems, IP cameras and other home surveillance systems, you will notice combinations of at least three or more of these beneficial product features:

  • Wi-Fi capabilities
  • IP67water resistance
  • IR-cut day/night
  • Motion detection
  • Wireless image transmission
  • Remote smartphone viewing
  • Plug-and-play setup
  • Email or text alerts
  • Up to 12MP Resolution

If you are not familiar with water resistance ratings, IP67 means that the cameras are protected against streams of water falling on them. However, it does not guarantee protection for water immersion. This means that while your cameras are protected from rain, they are not protected under flood waters. IR-cut for day and night means that infrared capabilities allow the camera to detect images clearer in any light level. The other features in the list are designed to provide you with a higher level of convenience. Since we know that many of our customers are budget shoppers, we know that plug-and-play setup and wireless transmission eliminate the need to pay for a complicated installation.

Our Philosophies

One of our philosophies is that everyone should have access to the latest technologies. Also, we believe that they should be affordable, easy to install and better than past technologies. When most people think of CCTV systems and home security cameras, they think of patchy or blurry images that fade in and out. Today, modern cameras produce better image quality. We are proud to offer such products in our inventory.

As you will see in the descriptions of our individual products, most of the devices can be plugged into a type of power source. This makes the latest technologies available to nearly anyone. For example, you can find plug-and-play IP cameras and screw-in light bulb cameras with night vision and motion detection features. 

If you have further questions about our products or our services, please submit a web inquiry form. If you require immediate assistance, please use our chat feature.