Usethatcam is a leading reseller of security and monitoring devices. The amazing range of cameras sold by the company include: mini camera, recorder multiple portable IP camera, waterproof rearview camera and dash cam. The other products include home security systems, Carbon Monoxide detector and motion sensors.

The Mini Cameras 

The mini cameras have outstanding features such as night vision, real-time viewing and motion detector. The other features include video capability, removable or built in storage and hard wired power input. The cameras are highly versatile and easy to hide because of their miniature size. To provide exterior views and cabin views, the dash cam can be placed on the top of the dashboard or attached to the windscreen using an adhesive or suction cup. A growing number of people use car camera to record the road ahead and more crucially, capture video evidence of events as a way to protect against distortion of facts. 

Today’s sophisticated car camera feature inbuilt G-force sensors designed to measure vehicle movement and adjust the video recording as needed. The cameras are also backed by bespoke software that can help users review footage so as to capture crucial items like vehicle number plates, which may help pursue a claim. The other important dash cam features include parking protection and GPS tracking systems. The latter can track motion around a parked vehicle and guard against break in or acts of vandalism. 

Home Security Systems

Besides the amazing collection of cameras, USETHATCAM also sells mini indoor wired siren and home security systems. Most people who buy home security systems from the company do so to protect their homes and loved ones. The systems work by safeguarding the entry points at home or business. The most advanced systems feature wireless and automation technologies. Automated home security systems often combine two way communications with user-friendly, mobile apps. The whole installation makes it easy to follow events at home in real-time using a remote monitoring system like the Smartphone. Users can also control the home security system from anywhere. 

The other compelling features of the home security system include the cameras and functions for setting the alarm, unlocking doors, controlling the lights and adjusting the thermostat. The standard cameras generally offer video surveillance services while advanced cameras have remote control and high capacity DVRs for recording information. A home security system with wireless technology allows us to perform remote monitoring thanks to wireless cameras and sensors. The sensors are usually placed in the doorway and windows to detect intrusion. The motion detector is ideal in larger open spaces such as inside or outside the home. 

Most of the older security systems depend on the telephone line, which could easily be cut thus rendering the entire system irrelevant. Security systems that use mobile GSM technology with cellular backup are designed to keep you connected without worrying about network disruptions. The most popular security system and carbon detecting device sold by Usethatcam include the KERUI WIFI Home Security Alarm System and KERUI LED Digital Display Carbon Monoxide Detector. The Usethatcam security systems come with a host of advanced features including wireless and wired security cameras, high decibel alarm, door and window sensors and control panel for making settings. 

The Usethatcam Advantage

There are numerous benefits of buying your mini camera, car camera and home security surveillance system and other products from USETHATCAM. The vendor accepts various flexible payment methods, including Discover, Apple Pay, Shopify, MasterCard and PayPal. New-Subscriber enjoy - $5 off of the entire order, while those who come Back-Again get 10% off entire order. Clients from all around the world also enjoy free shipping and online order tracking services. The company has also put in place comprehensive refund and privacy policy. To learn more about the incredible products sold at unbeatable prices, call or visit the Usethatcam website today.